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How Do Zendit protect your financial Data
We use encryption to help protect your account information and monitor your account activity to help identify unauthorized transactions.
Anti-fraud Protections
Zendit considered fraud protection of its top priorities and has created an advanced anti-fraud and security features that automatically can help identify and prevent fraud. Keep safe by following a simple step.
Keep secrets
Never share your account information with anyone. Nobody needs to know your Account ID, Secure ID or passcode.
Keep your Zendit Account secure
You should take a precaution to protect your security details.
Review your transaction history
Check your transaction history regularly. If you suspect that someone has misused your account for a transaction, immediately change your passcode and contact Customer Support.
Enable Two-Step Authentication to your account
Two Step Authentication is an added security measure available on your account. It provides an additional layer of security to your Zenditaccount by requiring a code from your smartphone to be entered along with your Touch ID.
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